Ampeg Micro VR + Ampeg 210AV x 2

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Ampeg Micro VR + Ampeg 210AV x 2

Post by basshead56 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:42 am

Never easy parting with good gear but this is genuinely going to waste. Been sat idle for years and only ever used for some bedroom jamming and one studio session.

For you consideration is my Micro VR rig I purchased a few years ago on a whim.
Pretty much still brand new but it is now lowest in the pecking order amongst it's Ampeg siblings as I have a few other options.


That's not to say this little monster doesn't cut it. THIS IS NOT A TOY!!!
This is the closest you well get to an SVT from a ss rig. I have one and a ton of other Ampegs and I have A/B'd them all endlessly.
All the heft and none of the hernias. Plus the fan isn't as annoying as it is on an SVT while recording.

The whole thing weighs as much as a goldfish poo and fits in the boot of a Mazda MX5 or VW EOS- should you wish to turn up to the gig looking an even flasher git... :p

The whole rig putts out just over 200 watts of trouser flapping Ampeg goodness. You really need the second cab to make her roar.

I have used it for mostly double bass. I stack the cabs vertically as it gives a lovely clear tone.
Only selling as it has genuinely never been used other than bedroom jamming and one studio session (it's nicer and easier to record than an SVT and it does genuinely sound like the real mccoy)

The whole rig would set you back 1700 at Rockshop right now. I paid slightly more.

I will probably end up getting a pf210he cab and actually using it with my main rig - PF series gear, so help a brother out.

Have a Google about this genius little set up, then have a bid. You won't be disappointed.

Also, I'm not in a rush to sell and I won't be entertaining silly offers. The price is fair considering age, quality and usage of the gear.


Buyer can collect, or I can deliver free across Souhland or Otago. Failing that, I can pack it securely and ship at your cost (and arrangement).
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